The Ecology of the Soul

ocean becomes mist becomes clouds become rain becomes creeks become river becomes lake becomes ocean

darkness becomes dust becomes stars become novas or large broken rocks or villages of stars (called galaxies) in which members die, one by one, and the village fades to an astral archeological dig, meaning, of course, dust, and again darkness

chance meeting again and again becomes finally noticing becomes laughing conversation becomes searching/yearning becomes startled flush becomes holding hands becomes questioning becomes comfort becomes determination becomes “at last, finally, yes” becomes surety and absolution becomes understanding becomes preparation becomes letting go and holding on only in the heart

memories imprinted in the mind become obscured or sometimes severed, memories implanted in the body become detached. hands remember stroking fur; fingers fold a paper crane but the eyes were unaware.

somewhere in all this a transplant recipient remembers something that never happened to them, a toddler dances like a ballroom pro without lessons, a child explains the philosophy of reincarnation in words simple enough for a child to understand and as accurate as anything in the words of the ancients.

my god, my mind, my spirit, my soul, my body …


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