Witness the Day

…..clusters, their throats small crayon sunbursts.
a wrought iron fence
…..rusts, faded sage paint peeling
…..over bare dirt with slippery end-of-winter leaves.
a knotty pine telephone pole
…..rough and studded with staples from old posters and papers.
…..clenching their cool colors in tight fists.
…..pours down steady for hours,
…..bisects the manmade,
…..the manhole cover yin and yang —
…..half puddle, half grid.
last year’s berries
…..shrivel & pit like clustered bubbles,
…..red downshifting to maroon, then bitter brown. Meanwhile
the lady cardinal,
…..her chest shaded like wheat fields,
…..her face like a peach,
…..perches on an asterisk of twigs
…..surrounded by fireworks of blooms as red as her mate,

Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal


2 responses to “Witness the Day

  1. These are amazing.

  2. All kind words *gratefully* accepted. 🙂 Thank you!

    I am at the point with the NaPoWriMo where each day I think I have no clue what I am going to write about, then somehow something happens, a poem gets written, and I think, “Well, that’ll have to be good enough.” And somehow it is.

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