a lovely face covered with powder
and rose petals,
a cluster
of faces
cloaked in gray ash,
smooth as an oil slick.
skin covered with ink.
hair covered with feathers.
we are not burning,
we are not
we are
sitting near
a gap, a small chasm
staring mutely at each other.
there is something about this,
this beauty that aches,
that aches
but does not cry out.

This was written in response to this momentile.

Beauties (Momentile, tinydancer)


6 responses to “Beauties

  1. Thanks! Did you notice it was written as a duet with one of tinydoctor‘s scissor dances? 🙂

  2. Giving your words to my image is really the ultimate complement from writer to artist, particularly when the poem is as fine as this one. Thank you.

  3. Truly, my pleasure. 🙂 I love the scissor dances — do please keep them coming.

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