Beds in catalogs, starchy and stiff
Beds with old quilts, silent and limp

Beds for babies on their mother’s chest
Beds for lovers, too (hush, no crying [out])

Beds that roar with the sleeper’s load snore
Beds that creak when someone rolls over

Beds that are empty in rooms meant for guests
Beds stacked with stuff (to seem like someone’s near)

Beds with tangled sheets no one has straightened
Beds so pretty you’re afraid to crawl in

Beds on the couch when you have to get away
Beds on the floor when you need a place to stay

Big beds, little beds, long beds, narrow beds
Busy beds, cluttered beds, tight beds, lone beds

Time for us to find our very own beds


4 responses to “Beds

  1. This has the feeling of an incantation — a spell to induce slumber. I guess that was the idea, eh?

  2. For NaPoWriMo, the routine has been to get the kid put to bed and then try to write something quick so I can go to sleep. I rarely have any kind of plan in mind or even the faintest clue what on earth I’m going to write about. I am as surprised as anyone else might be! This was one of those. I had no clue I was going to write this, I was just tired and wanted to sleep. So, yes, I guess. 😉

  3. I thought maybe you’d found a shop in SL specializing in beds 😉
    It reminded me of a poem in a book I had as a kid. It had a picture of a girl selling buttons, and had lines like “buttons for shirts and buttons for lips, and even some buttons that look like ships”

  4. I thought about tagging this as another nursery rhyme or kiddie lit piece. Wasn’t sure I could get away with it, since it was about beds. 🙂

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