Fire Goddess (Momentile, Tinydancer)

Dr. Omed is an inspired paper collage artist who shares his work in Momentile. Momentile has become one of my favorite social media spaces.


This isn’t the space where I want to talk at length about why Momentile is interesting, so to keep it short, Momentile is basically a spinoff of the increasingly popular projects in various social media to post something every day for a month or a year. With Momentile, not more than once a day would be more accurate.

There have been a number of posts on this blog which originated as captions in Momentile on someone else’s photo, image, or work of art. Of those other artists, the one who I find most inspirational is Dr. Omed. I have captioned a number of his paper collages, and wish I had time to caption them ALL. This has been an amazingly productive and serendipitous “collaboration”.

In Momentile itself, you really can’t hold a conversation with the other artists – it requires oblique strategies to communicate. Luckily, Dr. Omed and I know each other in other social media spaces, which means he can post my captions on his blog and I can post his images on mine and both of us can ask permission and link back to each other’s work. Happy Days!

“P. F. Anderson has written vatic poem-captions for several of my ’tiles, and you may soon [see] more ’tiles and more of her lovely captions on the Tent Show (unless she says not).”
Today is 2 Men 13 Ch’en. Dr. Omed’s Tent Show Revival.

For the record, I am delighted! Especially if Dr. Omed will grant permission for me to share the caption / Momentile combinations here and in my Flickr stream as well, of course linking back to his original Momentile and his blogpost. Here is the first example of what I envision. I hope it is OK with him.

Momentile Caption: TinyDancer - Fire Goddess

The face of the fire goddess
swells with her aching,
dozens of her nipples leak
blood and cluster together.
Around her spin seconds
become hours and hours
become seconds,
as the air consumed
abandons both breath
and breathing.


10 responses to “Fire Goddess (Momentile, Tinydancer)

  1. You have blanket permission to post anything you like of mine. I wish you had time to caption them all, too. The combination of word and image is indeed seredipititous and would make a lovely book, either online or in print, or both.

  2. I have been thinking EXACTLY the same thing! Let’s revisit the idea when we have a more substantial collection, and then who knows? Lulu, here we come. 😉 Oh! We should submit some as partner projects to the poetry postcard journal that Dana does. Yes?

  3. I would like to post this momentile/caption combination next:

    I think you have my email addy, I don’t seem to have yours.

    I didn’t ask permission for the first one because (a) I wanted to surprise you, and (b) I like it myself when someone reposts–steals–art or writing I have put online. It’s the most sincere complement when someone likes your stuff enough to take it without asking.

    I can see you don’t feel the same way, but I thought I’d pay you that complement. This once.

  4. Oh, I don’t mind, really. As long as people tell me at some point, and don’t do something mean-spirited with my work. 🙂 It is more that I am a librarian and more concerned with intellectual property rights and setting a good example for others. I am very careful, and even then sometimes hurt someone’s feelings by accident or get yelled at.

    I make my stuff, for the most part, Creative Commons with attribution and no derivatives. I tend to be most sensitive about my non-job creative efforts – photographs, poems, recipes, unsoweiter, lahdedah.

    Regarding the surprise, it was a GREAT surprise, and I was DELIGHTED!!!!

    I dug around and found your email (I think) in one of the OpenMicro threads, where my email is also available. Will send you a message. Thank you!

  5. Most writers are much more sensitive than I am about their work. I have to remind myself that not everyone has my all-comers-take attitude.

    I should have a jolly roger smiley face emoticon to put here.

    Seriously, your captions are the kind of response I would like to, and so rarely get, to my work. Thank you for that.

  6. I confess I am rather possessive of my poems, and it has been a challenge for me to break down and blog them. I have a friend who makes everything “copy-left”. I make MOST things CC, but I don’t go quite that far. 🙂

    I found a Jolly Roger emoticon, to my surprise.

    (:= X

    I understand about the connection between the creative person and the audience. It is essential to good poetry to have good readers, yes? The same for the visual arts, and music — they need inspired viewers and listeners. Thank you as well, and I look forward to more of the same. Truly.

  7. What fun to witness this progression. So glad you are doing this.

    Dana/Dave’s Poetry Postcard project is “on hiatus” but Read Write Poem is reviving it (with a provided image) in a small way (doesn’t quite fit your collaboration). BUT there is talk about chapbook action.

  8. Yes to submitting partner projects to Dana’s poetry postcard journal.

  9. Cross-posting. Hi Deb.

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