Making Visible (Momentile, debscott)

When shattering becomes
a thing of broken beauty,

(Momentile, debscott)

it is the very breaking
and brokenness
that reveals the heart,
the structure, the lovely lines,
the labyrinth of meaning
that once was whole and now
is visible.

(Momentile, debscott)

Nature wastes nothing.
Having unlearned this lesson,
people fumble with fragments
of the lost and leftover,
rags woven into
a kind of throne.

(Momentile, debscott)


4 responses to “Making Visible (Momentile, debscott)

  1. Oh, goodness, this is incredibly beautiful. You’ve captured the essentials of separate images and created your own timeless weaving.

    Each work on their own. Together they are incredible.

    Thank you for writing these/this. Thank you!

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