Sad Mouth Seeks Kiss: Apply Within

[I am being encouraged to come back to this blog. I’ve saved several pieces that I’ve written but not posted here, and been finding copies of old poems I wrote years ago but have never put online. I thought why not post some of these here as well as my new pieces? These that are not newly written will be in the new category called “Old Poems”. This is the first of that set, found on a torn scrap of paper while I was cleaning house.]

Sad Mouth Seeks Kiss - Apply Within

Words have become sour,
unhappy in the mouth
as the mouth is unhappy
at being awakened by kisses
in the morning when
the mouth is usually
sour. In mornings, what
the mouth wants is light,
clean and clear, a breath
of fresh air, a swallow
of water … then the kiss
bringing love to the mouth,
love entering, and more
love to swallow. What
does the mouth want
when words are what is
sour? To stop talking,
of course. And that kiss.

Written around 2003.


5 responses to “Sad Mouth Seeks Kiss: Apply Within

  1. Love it! Glad you’re blogging here again.

  2. Pingback: Via Negativa

  3. I have so much saved up, but have been so incredibly swamped with personal crises ever since October … Have been grabbing screenshots of momentile poems, but didn’t label, so need to find them and post here. 🙂 Thank you for welcoming me back – really, really!

  4. Having only just come across your blog via Via Negativa, I didn’t even know you’d been away! But on the strength of that poem, I’m delighted you’re back and hope that you’ll stick around.

    • What a lovely comment, Dick! Thank you very much. 🙂 I’ve been juggling some health concerns and major work projects, and am still moving a bit slowly. But trying to mentally gear up for NaPoWriMo!

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