Creation of Salt Water

In depth, in time —
/ beyond counting.

Minerals held
/ in suspension
until they merge,
/ meld, and transform.

Winds blow waves like
/ drumming, deep horns;
cut rocks, slice air
/ until they seem
almost the same —
/ dense, and floating.

The myth says God
/ (Izanagi)
dipped his jeweled spear
/ in salt waters,
and the dripping
/ became islands,
rough emeralds
/ against pink seas.

Sap, juice, tears, blood,
/ urine, semen,
saliva, milk,
/ egg white, egg yolk,
liquor amnii —
/ all the liquids
squeezed out of us,
/ salty or not,
clear or sluggish,
/ trembling or flat.

Feet cupped in hands,
/ cradled, & rinsed.


2 responses to “Creation of Salt Water

  1. Stanza iii is really beautiful.

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