Creation of Presence

Ears throb with silence;
eyes shatter in the darkness;
skin aches with absence.

Small hungers sharpen senses,
large ones blind us, make us dull.

Between these a tipping point
of awareness, vigilance,

attention. Who’s there?
comes the call, Is someone there?
Leaves whisper faintly,

cold air shifts a scent, presses
against a cheek, the clouds thin.

There! This is it, now,
the moment we’ve awaited.
Purple crocus head

pokes through frost. The cold
releases frozen corpses
winter has gathered —

coon, possum, woodchuck,
skunk, squirrel, the broke-necked duck,
the small frog we found

in the driveway. These small deaths
sure and early signs of spring.


4 responses to “Creation of Presence

  1. very, very, very nice indeed!!!!!!

  2. This series is being hard for me. So far, I get them written and posted on schedule, but I am not happy with them. These comments help me keep going. Thank you.

  3. Good observation. I also think of this time of year as trash season: not only is roadside and other litter the most visible it will be all year, but frosts and winter floods have broght old bottles and other colectible trash to light.

    I love the “creation” kick you’re going on here.

  4. I was pondering NaPoWriMo for several weeks last month, and an acquaintance from riding the bus gave me a copy of a book on The Creation. Last year I had trouble finding things to write about (and still have a lingering draft called “Hotdog Poem”). I thought, “Wow, the creation would be a great topic. I cd do a poem everyday, if I get stuck look at the pictures, this could work.” In other words, “Mwahahahaha, it’s SIGN!”

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