Daily Archives: April 7, 2010

Creation of Conflict

It’s all about apples and damn oranges,
singing sha-la-la, singing boom boom pow,
dancing on the rusty side of the tracks
with a shimmy here, a creaky hip there,
all the wannabes that don’t belong here,
don’t belong together, and that’s the funk,
I can tell you, “that’s a natural fact!”
Cars drive by, pasted with bumper stickers
that someone isn’t going to like (ram it,
“damn it, Janet!”) their licenses saying
ELEGY and someone’s sure gonna die,
you just know it – it’s in that seared sizzle
of the lightning strike, the boy who loves snakes
tattooed on his neck, studies how cobras
fight and dance, but forgets to laugh, sings out
his big idea (“They’re not like real people,
it’s like they’re virtual, a videogame”),
You know, it’s really all about mincemeat.