Creation of Questions

audible but invisible
grey gulls scree beyond bare branches
against an undry sky

audible but invisible
clatter and bang in the kitchen
tell another story

audible but invisible
loud music from next door covers
thuds, falls, a crash, a cry

audible but invisible,
the sirens bend pitch down the street –
behind me, curtains closed


2 responses to “Creation of Questions

  1. 1. it is pitch black in Florida but life here is just as you painted it, the birds sound just that way outside.
    2. i just thought this 1 poem a day is not a good idea. one cannot have imagination and the capacity to express “on command, qd, like a pharmacist’s recipe). it’s like a prescription for sex daily/once after lunch.

  2. It is like writing a sonnet, or any form. It challenges you, inspires you to do something aside from and beyond your original vision. Sometimes it fails embarrassingly, sometimes it is a joy and unanticipated delight. In any case, it is new, different, a learning experience. Even if you fail, it is a worthy effort, that strengthens your “muscle” and changes what you will attempt in the future.

    I am thinking of a story from Colette that I can’t verify at the moment. A young poet was talking about not being very productive because he was having trouble writing. Colette exploded, and told him something like, “You say you are a writer? Then write!”

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