Creation of Caldera

Pouring fire from hand to hand,
cupping heat as if it is
coffee, or cream, or caramel
as it thickens. So luscious.
So liquid, round to the touch,
glowing orange as ripe pumpkins,
as blown glass’ slow expansion
into an enormous egg,
wavering and transparent
and light, a bubble popping.
The curve aches open, cradles
what it has yet to contain.
Lips paint themselves, boundaries
noted and knotted with lines
of microfractures lacing
and shivering that thick edge,
delicate over sturdy,
grace overlaying hard bones.


3 responses to “Creation of Caldera

  1. Lovely I felt I was at Greenfield Village watching the glass blowers work. Very nice childhood and family memories.

  2. My brother is a glassblower, so there probably were echoes of that. 🙂 I also had in mind a story I read recently of a dear friend of mine who made a series of bronze cauldrons. Also the caldera of volcanoes and creation from the early earth and the stories I’m reading of the Mars Trilogy. A muddled sleepy mind …

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