Creation of Self

I am the white bear loping over a thinning ice bridge;
I am the ginger-striped cat curled on the sunlit windowsill.
I am the light-footed dancer & the heavy boots;
I am the nimble-fingered crafter, the blade-handed warrior.
I am the thick & the thin, the dry & the wet.

I am the budding branch dripping sap;
I am the fallen leaf limp on the earth.
I am muscled thighs clenched & fierce;
I am the soft hand that turns away wrath.
I am skin & salt, blood & bruise.

I am the defender of innocents;
I am the victim of abuse.
I am the fretful child whimpering in the night;
I am the cradling arms, whispering, shhh, shhh.
I am the song, the singer, the silence.

I am coffee in the noisy smoke-filled room;
I am the child that hides under the chair.
I am the scythe-dulling chicory, & the hothouse rose;
I am the red silk sheath, & the sensible shoes.
I am barley & rye, copper & quip.

I am the scattering sizzle of electronic dust;
I am the hoarder of memories & books.
I am the ache of what could not be healed;
I am the shock of what could not remain.
I am the same, the sane; I am exotic, eccentric.

I am the shy shoulder flinching when touched;
I am the bold smile that flirts too much.
I am the friend that sees and says no;
I am the lover that always says yes.
I am amnesia, I am attention, I am always.


6 responses to “Creation of Self

  1. Extraordinary – a very powerful piece. I love the conflicting roles and imagery (we are all heroes and we are all cowards).

  2. This is why the poet needs readers. I went to bed loathing this piece, in a mild misery thinking, “Oh well, it’s NaPoWriMo, they can’t all work.”

  3. I like this poem a great deal.

  4. What a gift. 🙂 I am honored by your faith and kindness. Perhaps it makes me uncomfortable for other reasons than the ones I first assumed. Thank you.

  5. So many powerful contrasts, all in one poem

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