Creation of Humility

First, be broken.

Fight back, or don’t. Bide your time,
or endure, biting your lip, and hope
to survive. Choke back a groan, whimper,
or let them loose. Moan. Throw your pain
in the faces of those around you, or
let it pulse once in silence across your face,
and be swallowed like a wave into the sea,
then like a wave return once again, again.

What is broken?

A bone. A heart. Whatever you ignored.
Whatever is most needed at the moment.
The body. The mind. The spirit. Pride.
A sense of wholeness. Ability. A sense
of self worth. Identity. Who is who and
who is me or you. A barrier. A boundary.
An imagined dream. Hope. A voice. Someone
you love. Sometimes it is the pain
that breaks. Sometimes it is a fever.

Give up, let it go.


2 responses to “Creation of Humility

  1. Never thought through how on acquires humility.
    Experincing a great pain and emerging on the other side might be a prerequisite.
    I wonder too if one needs to witness other folks dealing with greater pain and not being crushed by it.

  2. I agree. This doesn’t feel complete to me. However, part of the NaPoWriMo challenge is the daily act of creation, and sometimes the day sets limits as well as offering opportunities.

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