Daily Archives: April 19, 2010

Creation of Humility, Part Two

It begins with breaking, but does not end there.
Like by becoming pregnant you find you
have joined a secret club you did not know
existed. Exists. But after pregnant
comes birth, after birth comes baby, and more
afters – after baby comes the long haul,
the forever and ever amen. And you
did not know it was a club, but there it is.
The forever and ever amen club,
and you’ve just become a lifetime member.

Being broken, you feel different, ashamed.
You scrap plans for dancing Saturday night
with the unchipped china on the top shelf.
You have nothing to talk about with them,
and can guess what they have to say about you.
You begin by staying home. Every night.
During days you walk alone down the streets,
noticing every now and then someone else
who seems broken, too, but what does that mean?
You practice a small shy smile. They smile back.