Creation Through Construction

Grow up holding the flashlight
for your dad who has magic
in those calloused hands, passing
nails, nuts, bolts, screws, hand to hand;
digging through toolboxes, drawers,
cupboards for wrenches, pliers,
hammers, spanners, cutters, grips;
find the voltmeter, trim wires,
flip the circuitbreaker, then
transformers and transistors
(slightly less mysterious)
make their magic out of hands’
magic. The appliances
wag their tails & purr like cats
when he appears, nothing wrong.
It becomes a family joke.
He’s always fixing something,
building things, maybe even
a treehouse, or a dollhouse,
or one year when money’s tight
carefully gluing wood strips
one-inch wide, alternating
the grain, sanding soft as skin
(softer than his) butcher blocks
for a present for your mom —
you learn something, you can make
necessities. Later, grown,
you’ve moved into your own first
apartment, shy on money and things,
scrounge alleys for boards, hardware
stores for pressboard, nickle nails,
and make your own shelves to hold
books and music, satisfied.


5 responses to “Creation Through Construction

  1. I grew up that way too. Learning to fix things with my father (and hoping I passed some of that on to me kids – sent tools with both of them as they went of to college). I think this was when I appreciated my dad the most. There is a satisfaction to making something your self (a belt, a poem, a bookcase) if you have the time.

  2. And there is a sense of empowerment in having the skills. A friend who is a priest was explaining to me the concept of co-creation. Thinking that might come out here yet.

  3. Would love to hear what co-creaion is all about.

  4. Basically, God makes the raw ingredients, we make something else from those, thus becoming with God co-creators of the final product.

  5. A lovely concept. Thank you.

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