Creation through Waiting

It is dark, still. Mostly quiet.
Never completely anything,
as in not completely quiet
or still or dark. Look – faint lights show
distorted shadows, trick the mind.
Somewhere north an engine throbs, fades.
Feral cats fight or court eastward.
Nearby a brief puff of breath shifts
leaves on thin twigs; grasses resist
the slight push and pull; skin observes.
Indoors a child coughs in their sleep,
but doesn’t yet need medicine.
The child rolls over, restless, then
settles back, shifts into slow dreams.
This moment settles inside me
pearl-like, a mute aware touchstone.


2 responses to “Creation through Waiting

  1. You captured the essence of those late sleepless nights (when it is too early to wake up and too late to still be awake).

    I have been there many time (esp long nights in a tent after a very early bed tine caused by the wather or mosquittos)

  2. Exactly – a time when action is not appropriate, but the waiting is preparation for action.

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