Erosion of Scars

He was such a little thing when he ran
in front of a car on the highway, flew
as high as the trees, and landed flat
on his back. Not a drop of blood imbued
his blue cardigan with white and red piping.
Of course, the emergency surgery
opened him from hip to heart, striping
his torso with a ropey pink scar. Worry
was bigger than he was that month before
he got out of the hospital. And now?
He’s taller than I’ll ever be, and more,
as he grew the scar shrank. I wonder how
such an enormous hurt can not linger,
shrinking smaller than a hand, or my finger.


2 responses to “Erosion of Scars

  1. Powerful imagery – dark, but with a happy outcome (quite a different direction from yesterday)

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