Erosion of Alertness

As the pulse slows
each beat of the heart expands.
The veins of the neck

pound visibly, fingers throb.
The body settles. Bed shakes.

Each breath a bit slight,
a chill without shivering,
eyes shuttered in dark.

Each movement more difficult,
awareness is only sound,

only sound, and then
only the sound of the heart
infinitely slowed.


3 responses to “Erosion of Alertness

  1. Interesting – seems like a story of last breath as the mind drifts off to join with God in death

    • That is definitely one way to read it. It doesn’t have to be death tho. This has happened to me a number of times, and I haven’t left yet. I do seem to worry about it a little less than some other people. The edge between life and death seems awfully thin sometimes.

  2. Interesting – makes me feel the experienc of slipping away into death (like when my father died while I was sitting across the room from him)

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