Erosion of Youth

He suggests a topic for a poem. “Start with –
a breeze, slowly tossing my bangs.” “Bangs?” I laugh,
having not known him when he had some. A myth?
I shouldn’t have laughed. There is another half
of my life that makes me wince when I recall
‘superpowers’ I once had. When did I lose
that mental quickness (traded for a shawl)?
I brace my hands to help me rise from the pews,
but once I could sit on the floor, cross-legged,
seven months pregnant, and stand up without hands,
and even be graceful about it. Wretched,
I wonder, where did those muscles go? Headstands
are beyond me now. “Wait,” he says, “you could try
headstands?” I blush. My memory fails me. “What? Why?”


4 responses to “Erosion of Youth

  1. Love it! Quite creative use of bangs tied in with the erosion theme. Thanks for taking my suggestion.

    • Thank you for the assistance! I have an erosion poem I’ve been working on all week, but I am not getting it finished. So here I am approaching midnight, exhausted, half asleep, and desperate for the day’s poem. The concept was much appreciated! Although I definitely fictionalized it. 🙂

  2. Very nice read first thing in the morning. Made me smile.

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