Erosion of Light

This isn’t the gentle fading
from one crisp color to the next,
each gradually softer, shifting
into a dark that holds altered

kinds of clarity. This is not
a shift based in movement (passive
or active, voiced or mute) from one
polar state to the next in modes

measurable and expected.
No, this is not about sunset.
No, this is la lux obscura
clouds in the sky, fog on the earth,

air a colloidal suspension
of droplets and dust. It cools touch
and dims sound, white noise distorting
hearing as much as fog blurs sight.

Even infrared is diffused.
This isn’t about dark, but dim.
The mind muddled by meds losing
its edge but doesn’t have a clue,

because the dimness refuses
both to observe or be observed.
Being blurred, believing in bright.
Being blind, believing in light.


2 responses to “Erosion of Light

  1. I seem prisms and rainbows in this. Great poem to read on a sunny day and dream of summer coming

  2. It is always interesting to hear what other folk find in the poems. I learn so much than way! Thank you very much for the kind comments!

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