Erosion of Order

The baby cries, and you leave a pile of mail
on the table while you comfort and console.
The toddler screams, “Hungry NOW!”, and groceries
that aren’t freezer-bound wait to be put away.
A girlfriend phones, sniffling with restraint, then says,
“He left me!” and the dishes sit in the sink
for the next day. The project at work might mean
a promotion, and so you work extra hours,
promising to catch up when it is done,
but there is always another, and one more.
A meaningful project, a life-changing
opportunity, the church, that charity,
this worthy cause, another. And another.


2 responses to “Erosion of Order

  1. A service to others – that is the lady I have come to know and respect. Elegant way to describe the life.

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