Erosion of Warmth

Settle dark around the light,
close it in and shrink it tight.

Wind that scrubs warmth free from skin
needs no sand to wear it thin.

Water sucks and bleeds us dry β€”
pockets of pain, then we die.

Heart that slows blood’s steady flow,
downshift of the status quo.

Of all the ways of growing cold
perhaps the best is growing old.


2 responses to “Erosion of Warmth

  1. The last verse on growing old surprised me (not sure why – it was uplifting). The earlier verses show a continum of heat loss (darKness, wind, drowning,bleeding to death). I am still thinking about the power of this poem.

  2. Couplets in rhyme are often associated with doggerel, but the topic that inspired this poem was pure nastiness and they are also well suited for that purpose. I was afraid that the use of rhymed couplets might make people read this as flippant or humorous, but I hoped that the serious topic would shine through somehow. Sounds like perhaps it did? Thank you for your comment and conversation!

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