Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Erosion of Flesh

Livebrush art #1
Art by Kalligrafix.

Electrons sculpt the curve and weight of the breast.
The slight droop cries out to be cupped in a hand,
but skin has dissolved into transparency,
data delineates lines beneath the skin,

and fiber by fiber muscles drape like gauze
and knot like rope. The nipple pulls itself up,
as if against a callused, skin-coloured sky,
then tucks itself between root and stem and thorn,

jutting a little closer to the curled head
of the fiddlehead fern, tracing its line back
through fuzz and blur, wisp and gasp to culminate
(calcified and clouded) in that tracery

of tole leaves rooted in the slow swells and ebb
of vessels. Here, innervation draws tight this
gathering ganglion of graceful lines, one
sole sentinel to guard against harm & hurt.