Erosion of Distance

When this old farmhouse was built it would have taken
half a day or more to walk to the nearest town,

but they probably would have had a radio.
I sit on the couch listening to the “Wyrd Sisters”

on the British radio, streamed online, laughing
while I Facebook-chat with a friend from Australia

whose artistry inspires my own sense of beauty.
Such a small world. “But this isn’t when she’s online,

says the kid. “Hmmm?” I say, “Who?” “That girl, remember?
The one we talked about?
” “Oh, right, where is she from?”

The reply: “I don’t know. Arizona, I think.
Does it matter?
” “Well, her profile says she is from

Virginia.” “No, she never mentioned Virginia.
I’d remember that.
” “Uh oh. How do you know her?

Are you sure she is really who she says she is?”
Mom! You’re kidding! She’s been my friend for years and years!


4 responses to “Erosion of Distance

  1. I am amazed at the compression of distance that can happen with social media. I wonder if the magic would be spoiled by RL meetings.

  2. Ah, come on! We met online and only knew each other online for months. You know better than that!

  3. Quite true (but then you are an extraordinary person).

    • Everyone is an extraordinary person, one way or another. You are also, you know. I’ve read a number of blogposts from people about meeting in RL. The trick to it working seems to be being authentic and honest in a person’s online presentation. Makes sense to me.

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