Daily Archives: April 25, 2011

Erosion of Memory

Did I already write something with this title?
I’m not sure. Maybe I should look. Searching, searching …

Oh, look what I found! That’s really interesting.
I bet other folk would think so, too. I should share

before I forget. “Oh, you liked that? Yes, very
provocative!” I fake thinking deeply, briefly.

Meanwhile, no longer searching, I’m browsing chiefly
for items of interest on topics often scanned —

tech, health, mobile, games, learning, science, social, brands —
links flicker through my eyes straight to my fingers, swift

over keys (flutter, return; flutter, return). Drift
to the edge of sleep, clinging to the keys. Then: What?

What time is it? What was I doing? Oh! Darn it.
I wanted to be done by now. Where’d I leave off?

I’d finished that post, loaded pics, just started … ah!
Did I already write something with this title?