Erosion of Memory

Did I already write something with this title?
I’m not sure. Maybe I should look. Searching, searching …

Oh, look what I found! That’s really interesting.
I bet other folk would think so, too. I should share

before I forget. “Oh, you liked that? Yes, very
provocative!” I fake thinking deeply, briefly.

Meanwhile, no longer searching, I’m browsing chiefly
for items of interest on topics often scanned —

tech, health, mobile, games, learning, science, social, brands —
links flicker through my eyes straight to my fingers, swift

over keys (flutter, return; flutter, return). Drift
to the edge of sleep, clinging to the keys. Then: What?

What time is it? What was I doing? Oh! Darn it.
I wanted to be done by now. Where’d I leave off?

I’d finished that post, loaded pics, just started … ah!
Did I already write something with this title?


3 responses to “Erosion of Memory

  1. Cute, with the same kids taking several classes (not always in the same order) from me over the years it is hard for me to recall which stories (examples) I have told them when.

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