Erosion of Reticence

Pic of the day - Fuzzy Bracts

In February, a warm spell
might trigger the brief eruption

of budding, with next the cold snap
searing off those false starts.

With the next warm spell, buds come slow,
hesitant, reluctant, reserved.

What will be a flower armors
itself beneath a thick bract.

“Bract – a leaflike part just below,
protecting an inflorescence.”

See? Inflorescence. Blossoming.
“The time and process of budding

and the unfolding of blossoms.”
The flower grows behind the shield,

cautious and tightly furled. Later,
there will be blooming, there will be,

unfurling, opening, and loose
as laughter. There will be blooming.


4 responses to “Erosion of Reticence

  1. Very nice, spring blooms do mark the end of the silence of Winter (even though I do love the stillness of a winter day I am ready for the joy of spring)

  2. loose as laughter. and the burning cold are my favourites. great poem

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