Pondering NaPoWriMo

The first year here, I was struggling just to do a poem a day for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). The second year, I was scared. A neighbor gave me a copy of a book of photography meditating on the creation and Genesis. I loved the photos and thought if I got stuck I could always just open the book and look for visual inspiration. That was how the Creation series was born. That worked pretty well for me, so this year (2011) I was pondering again taking a theme and working through it. I thought about this for a while, talked with a couple friends, and ended up with the Erosion poem series.

I wanted something that kind of opposed creation but which was not so unsubtle as destruction. I also have been sad a lot this year and was particularly sad when NaPoWriMo was starting. Erosion seemed to fit the bill. However, erosion is so opposed as a concept to form that I felt compelled to struggle again the theme by placing all the poems written in some sort of formal context. Thus you find an exceptional number of sonnets, a few villanelles, a dash of ‘haiku’, and so forth. As I lost energy towards the end of the month, I settled for syllabic patterns, but some with rhymes. None of the Erosion poems is without an externally imposed form.

Now that I’ve completely my third NaPoWriMo, I’m already thinking about next year, what I might do. I thought it would be handy next year to have a list of themes I’ve been considering, and invite suggestions in the comments. If I feel brave enough, I may create a poll from the suggestions in March of next year and allow the readership to determine the theme. Scary idea, eh?

So here are some I’ve been pondering so far.

– Metamorphoses
– Miracles
– Mysteries
– Naming

Feel free to make suggestions, and the ones I think my brain could deal with will be added to the list above. (I do reserve the right to exclude any topics I don’t feel I could deal with well.) Then next year, we’ll see what happens.


4 responses to “Pondering NaPoWriMo

  1. PF – read your comment over on NaPoWriMo. I was starting to think about putting my haiku collection somewhere so I started rounding them up and linked them to my homepage: http://www.quiltr.com under the clever title “haiku”

    Bookmarked your page so I can come back to read at leisure.

  2. I throughly enjoyed reading this year’s series of errosion (as I did last year’s creation series). The themes looking interesting (not sure about naming – so I bet that will be the winner and you will dazzle me with your new series on it)

    • As I get closer, I’m agonizing over this. Science? Cards? Reversals? Poems inspired by the art at Momentile? Poems inspired by the Plus One Photography Collection? Poems inspired by technology and my job? … I just had an idea I think fits. Confession. Pondering …

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