Slow Poetry

I was searching for videos to use in my emerging technologies talk this week, and somehow stumbled over this series of videos from the University of Warwickshire about “Slow Poetry” and placing poetry in the context of the natural environment. I am thinking of it a little like guerilla gardening, and in my mind it is stealth poetry. I know this blog has mostly been just housing my own poems, but I thought it is about time for me to also share some of the works that interest, intrigue and inspire me, provoking questions, serving as poetry prompts and concepts to explore in the future, etcetera. So this is the first post of that kind.

In these videos, David Morley introduces a nature walk in a local park where poems and word explorations are engraved on posts, carved into rocks, visible only from certain places along the paths, mounted on tiny huts, posted on trees, and so forth. I’ve always said poems are all around us, just waiting to be plucked, but he makes this concept physical and literal.

An Introduction to Slow Poetry, by David Morley

Placing Poems in the Natural Environment


Word Worms:

Slow Poetry:

Slow Poetry, a Conclusion:


4 responses to “Slow Poetry

  1. This seems like really nice idea.

    • I do like the idea of both embedding human beauty in nature, and also the reverse – witnessing the beauty from nature and bringing it closer to us.

  2. I’d love to know the exact location–I curate 10 poetry posts in Santa Fe, NM…

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