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Creation of Stained Glass [Video]

The poem was originally written as part of NaPoWriMo 2010. Then Two Friars & a Fool requested submissions of Pentecost-themed poetry videos for a Theological Poetry Slam, and mine was included in their selection.

Two Friars and a Fool: Creation of Stained Glass:

The images are all CC-licensed in Flickr by RosefireRising.


Hot as asphalt
At summer noon

The black leather
Goddess sizzles

Radiates heat
So hard she aches

Those around her
Walk gingerly

Cautious, inspired

Asphalt crumbles
At its edges

Cracks spidering
From beaten paths

Potholes jarring
Jouncing, jolting

Words aren’t needed
to say, “fix me”

Pack in a patch
Of aggregate

And slurry seal
Smoothed glossy black

Supple as skin
Tough as leather

And there, a bit
worse for the wear

but still working
tough as ever