Dawn in Two Dimensions

Dark gray geometries line up
before graduated colors –
above, gray cubes and triangles,
but shading clear thru purple
to lavender to almost pink,
foreground and background just barely
distinguished from one another.
Shifting from side to side along
this infinite straight line (movement),
from time to time broken fractals
punctuate the bolder shapes
with a crisp intricate blackness,
from time to time bright triangles
descend from the gray far above.
From the points of each bright angle
lowers a single dark angle,
in that false perspective mocking
apparently straight lines, tersely
masquerading as one of them.

3 responses to “Dawn in Two Dimensions

  1. I like this one! I couldn’t help but be reminded of a recent post I wrote:


  2. What synchronicity! Especially the bit about Mondrian & Escher! Curiously, I had written this poem in September, but never got around to posting it. Then I found it in my notes on my iPhone yesterday, and thought oops! Better send it off to the blog …

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