Pic of the day - Disturbing Lights in the Darkness

Pacing thru the dark house.
Restless. Disturbed. It’s too
quiet. My computer
charger whines, changing pitch.
I lean closer, unplug it.
It’s too quiet, again.
The furnace fan kicks on.
The refrigerator
rumbles to life, rattling
the empty jars on top.


4 responses to “Untitled

  1. Hello. I love this one. There are some great images and sounds. I like the shortness of it and the ending leaves me thinking a lot about the possible meanings. I just wanted to say thanks for the read. All the best.

    • Thank you for the kind comment. I have a tendency in writing poems to keep them dragging on until I forcibly find some sort of end point. It is hard for me to leave it open, as with this one. Thanks for the moral support on having done so!

  2. And I have the tendency when I write poetry to keep it too short and abrupt with no visible end point. Knowing when to finish and leave it alone can be quite a trick. So that’s why I liked your poem – short and sweet with a great ending to wrap it up. Thanks again.

  3. I think what has inspired me to discover short poems has been doing NaPoWriMo. Writing a poem a day forces you to complete them. Heck, I end up so fatigued, just getting out a handful of lines can be a trial some days!

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