Confession of Confusion

Every time I said “flowers” he thought I meant “sex.”
When he said “mouth” I thought “ears”. When he described sands
I saw him dragging, like a heavy ghost, his hands
and feet through a stinging wind with no ill effects,
sinking into someone else’s story. Perplex
me, that’s fine; tell me truths half-lie of wedding bands
fragile as dried seaweed, all those children unplanned,
duties dissolved into dust, blown away as specks.
Ask me if I’m alright. I always am; you’ve known.
There is a logic to arrivals, departures,
beginnings and ends. Really! Ask any juries
told to decide the case on evidence alone.
Best available evidence, says the doctor.
The priest? “… te absolvo a peccatis tuis.”


3 responses to “Confession of Confusion

  1. This poem has dopeness all through and around it. Your use of poetic devices really capture the images and describe the perfect dance between the translation of communication. Perfect lines create the correct pauses and the closing is genius. Absolutely beautiful in truth.

    • I never EVER imagined anyone would call one of my poems “dope”. 😉 Thank you very much for thoughtful and well considered comment. It is much appreciated. Do you have a blog? Are you doing NaPoWriMo? Or being a cheering section for those of us who so need one while we struggle with the challenge? In either case, bless you.

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