Confession of Illness

A stranger drops a comment on my blog.
Five hundred words, little punctuation,
studded with strange spellings, but I can grok
what he says. He’s sick. No explanation.
With something. It seems, with everything.
He practically included his entire
medical record — blood pressure, fainting,
head injury, flu, cough, pain. He’s on fire.
Convulsions. Concussion. What the doc said?
“Well, people do get colds.” “We think it’s flu.”
All the meds he is taking, all those meds.
Tests and more tests. Negative. False or true?
Who knows? He reels off dates & times, who cared
in the clinic. Why tell me? I think he’s scared.


3 responses to “Confession of Illness

  1. I can sense the feeelings of helplessness. When you are sick you are sure someone must know what;s wrong, but they seem not to be listening or do not care.

  2. Exactly. Test after test, showing nothing, sometimes seems to equal “well, you’re not trying!” It is the idea that if there is a question, there MUST be an answer, which is true, but that doesn’t mean the answer is discoverable by the people there, or by any person.

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