Confession of Continuity

Beginning with breath;
where changes begin.
I breathe with your breaths,
synchronized, slowing
as you slow, almost
asleep, yes, at peace.
We breathe, and we breathe,
slower and slower,
my eyes closing, closed.
Then, the slowest breath.
I breathe again. You,
I notice, do not.


3 responses to “Confession of Continuity

  1. This seems like a love story. Two souls together till the end and one dies first.

  2. And there speaks someone who has known love. How very lucky you are in some ways. This is the value of other readers, of their eyes, their experience, their witness, broadens the poem and its potential meanings. What a gift. The idea of love never entered my mind while conceiving or writing this. The poem needed more breadth.

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