Confession by Compulsion

He says, “Sorry,” and winces. Startled,
I look up, ask, “What? Why?” He repeats,
“Sorry! Sorry!” “What’s wrong, honey?”
“I don’t know. Sorry.” “Why are you sorry?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know! I’m sorry!”
“It’s OK, honey, nothing’s wrong. It’s fine.”
“I know! I’m sorry!” “Shhhh,” I soothe, “Shhhh,”
offering a glass of water,
wishing I could do more, but knowing
from experience, even a hug
would make things worse. I’m sorry, too.


3 responses to “Confession by Compulsion

  1. Those are tough conversations to have, Such a feelign of complete helplessness.

  2. Yep. It was harder before we knew what was wrong, distilled a protocol to share with others about how to react effectively, etc. The worst was teachers who would order him to stop saying “sorry”, which, as you might imagine, was impossible, creating a kind of feedback loop.

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