Confession of Connection

“Happiness is assortative in social networks.”
That means it’s catching, but that’s over simplified.

In one high school, one circle of friends, every teen
(except one) ended up in a psych ward
or a morgue. Attempted suicides. Well, mostly.

Attempted, that is. So, when grief comes, when tears flow,
the one grieving isn’t the only one who cries.

I’ve been going about my work, routines, surprised
by tears. A friend died, and other friends are grieving.
The wake has been filled with happy stories.

A child who never knew her plays a sad cartoon,
over and over, tears in his eyes, singing joy.


3 responses to “Confession of Connection

  1. Love the opening line on associative happiness. Really characterizes do unto others. I suppose though misery is associative too.

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