Confession of a Single Mother

Someone very special once told me we have a duty
to bear only the children for whom we can provide care.
How’d you know?! But don’t think I was off shaking my bootie,
desperate for a piece of any action with pecs, nice hair.
I am neither the virgin mother or the slutty whore.
I was careful. Picked a nice boy. From a good family.
Our mothers knew each other. Met him at our church. Before
anything “happened” we talked, dated. Such a fantasy.
Call me naive, too young, a fool. Alright. I’ll grant you that.
At least I tried. And I’m still trying now. Don’t you tell me
it’ll be too hard, or I’m not strong enough. Don’t get at
me that way. I’ll decide if I’m strong enough, don’t you see?
Give me a break! I love this baby more than anything,
anything! Best “mistake” I ever made. My everything …


3 responses to “Confession of a Single Mother

  1. I story of courage and independence (with the optimism of youth). Kids are indeed wonderfulm

  2. Hmmmm. Kids are wonderful, but that’s an interesting perspective. I guess I should do another piece focused less on the story & more on the emotions.

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