Confession of Flooding

Sirens roar past the house, in waves of sound.
One, three. By the time it reaches seven
I’m mutely alarmed, but they keep coming,
more and more. I hear loudspeakers (voices)
far enough away that I can’t make out
what they say. There is a gap, almost hushed,
then more sirens, and blaring horns honking.
It’s nearing midnight. Windows reflect lights
inside; nothing outside is visible,
just darkness, and dim streetlights spaced apart,
distant and steady. In the kitchen, I
rearrange pan lids, then the spice cupboard,
turn on the stove and watch the flame, and then
turn it off. When I sit down on the couch
it’s the silence that pounds & pounds & pounds.


3 responses to “Confession of Flooding

  1. Different kind of flooding than I expected, Very interesting imagery, Silence can be deafening, especially when I am home alone late at night.

  2. Different kind of flooding than I expected, too. 🙂 I’m past the hump for NaPoWriMo, deeply fatigued, feeling tremendously uninspired and unpoetic, desperate for inspiration/connection. Last night I used a random word generator. Not that I don’t have other ideas of titles and concepts, but I couldn’t think of what to write! Flooding worked. Oy vey.

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