Confession of Disbelief

The elderly priest held his rosary
at his waist, looking down at it. He paused.
“I owe you,” he said, “an apology.”
That was unexpected! What could have caused
this? I was just a 20-year-old girl.
“I didn’t believe you,” he continued.
“I couldn’t. Your story made my head whirl.
I thought you made it up. We interviewed
everyone involved. The stories agreed.”
Eyes horrified, he finally looked at me.
“It was true. You … lived …?” He swayed like a reed.
“Oh, that’s alright.” I smiled at him gently.
“See, I never expected to survive.
Now, every day is a gift. I’m alive!”


3 responses to “Confession of Disbelief

  1. Ah the sequel. Nice.

  2. Almost. I’m glad it works as a sequel, and I did realize that in this sequence it kind of fit in that role, but it is actually a different story,

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