Confession of Confessions

Confessions curl within confessions.
Some so sheer they are almost invisible
and speaking them changes nothing,
except that little whisper of silence
inside, where something used to speak.

Some are so vivid they paint your skin
with stories and blood, each line swelling
then subsiding, only to swell up again
each time the story is told, each time
the confession makes itself new again.

Each time the confession breaks itself
open again, it breaks you open, breaks
the unwilling witness who wanted nothing
but not to know. Don’t ask. Don’t ask.
I would tell you anything, everything.


3 responses to “Confession of Confessions

  1. Still thinking on this one. I like the las stanza the best. (All three are profound observations).

  2. I feel like this series has been such enormously hard work, and yet I’ve failed over and over to get at the poetry of the ideas. This one actually felt like writing a poem.

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