Confession Series, 2012 #NaPoWriMo #30in30

April 1: Confession of a Kiss

April 2: Confession of Confusion

April 3: Confession of Gender

April 4: Confession of a Time Traveler

April 5: Confession of Constraint

April 6: Confession of Illness

April 7: Confession of Continuity

April 8: Confession by Proxy

April 9: Confession by Compulsion

April 10: Confession of Anger

April 11: Confession of Bewilderment

April 12: Confession of Weakness

April 13: Confession of Awe

April 14: Confession of Procrastination

April 15: Confession of Connection

April 16: Confession of Killing

April 17: Confession of a Single Mother

April 18: Confession of Flooding

April 19: Confession of Incompetence

April 20: Confession of Success

April 21: Confession of Breaking

April 22: Confession of the Moon

April 23: Confessing the Ride Home

April 24: Confessions of Women

April 25: Confession of Disbelief

April 26: Confession of Bemusement

April 27: Confession of Inadequacy

April 28: Confession of Confessions

April 29: Confession of Ignorance

April 30: Confession of Incomprehension


4 responses to “Confession Series, 2012 #NaPoWriMo #30in30

  1. I really enjoyed your series of confessional poems over the past 30 days. Your honesty and direct voice is very refreshing. Thanks for the read.

  2. Thank you. It was a rough ride writing them. I am glad that there were a few people reading. 🙂

  3. Well done my friend. Every day was an interesting read.

    • Thank you, so very much, for committing to reading and commenting daily. I felt completely inadequate this year. Perhaps I feel that way every year, but it seemed that this year was much harder than usual. I very much appreciated knowing that I could count on you to be there, and that I was not just doing this to talk to myself. Thank you, dear friend.

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