Opening of Artichokes (Temple of Flowers)

Pic of the day - Opening of Artichokes

“Avert!” whisper the lavender ripples,
“Leave me be. There is a muteness

in my mouth, my mind; a tightness
in my many limbs. I have no interest
in you, nor you in me. Let me be.”

But eventually something loosens.

Is it a coming of age? A kind
of wisdom? Or is it nothing more

than that loose-limbed fatigue
which recognizes death, while not yet
here, is approaching, and somehow

there is a hunger that is part of it.


2 responses to “Opening of Artichokes (Temple of Flowers)

  1. Interesting piece. I am ready for death, but I do not feel all that old. I am curious about death but I am not hungry enough to experience it just yet.

  2. Perhaps it referred to another kind of death? Or perhaps the hunger was not for death itself, but a final embracing of life? There are many ways to think about this.

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