Daily Archives: October 20, 2012

Reversals Begins

I’ve been working on this series of poems for several years now, almost a decade, and haven’t put any of them online, submitted them to a journal, or really shown them to anyone. Then last Friday, at a meeting, I was talking to another poet and described the concept of this. It is a very cool concept, I think, and he agreed. I also think it is highly publishable. Even a possible crowdfunding project! So when I realized I’d given away the entire concept to a poetry publisher, I thought, “What in blazes am I doing?!”

So that was yesterday, and today I want to commit myself to trying to release this series of poems via the blog over the coming year. I hope to put the first actual poem in the blog here tomorrow. All I’ll say right now is that the series is based around the idea of a deck of cards, with some Tarot symbolism, some mythology, some gaming, some life …. It has a pretty intricate interwoven symbolic structure, if I actually get it right. Fingers crossed! Here’s to the adventure!