Ace of Clubs, Reversed

The shadow the leaf remembers
most vividly is revealed
only as the leaf fails,
fades, & falls. But what
does a single
leaf tell us
of light?
that there
was light, and
there was shadow,
nothing more. It is
only holding a branch,
that we can begin to see
the pattern of how light once fell.


5 responses to “Ace of Clubs, Reversed

  1. I like a great deal the poem; I do not understand the title. I do not feel frustrated, but rather comfortable. How have u been, how are u? And how are the children? Will fly tomorrow to Naples, hang out in the sun.would love to chat a bit. Hugs

    Andrei Vermont

  2. Now I thought of the title and finally got it! They say in Romanian(by analogy with coin operated phones): “The coin finally fell in”( after punching hard the damn phone!hugs+kisses !)

    Andrei Vermont

  3. Hi, Andrei, long time, no see/hear! Safe travels! The titles for this series of poems are basically all “untitled”, but I use the name of the individual card as much as anything as a placeholder for later (hopefully) printing the entire deck! The idea of the series is kind of a poetry Tarot, using the symbolism of the deck of cards, the suits, the numbers combined with other symbolic meaning structures that “fit.” Well, “fit” in my own judgment, as the author. 😉

  4. I like the imagery of this poem very much. Fills my head with images of the passing seasons.

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