Emergence (Silk, Part Four)

The Lady Bombyx Mori Speaks of Kaiko Yashinai-gusa

IV. Emergence (Moments)

Goddess of Silk, Lady Luna,
Mother of all the Bombyx clan.

Rising into forever —
“surge no infinito
a lua docemente,
Enfeitando a tarde
qual meiga donzela.”

Alone in you this small eternity,
is it time, is it time, is this the time?

If I leave this once sturdy
shell, now shattered and shredded,
will I know myself, or not?
If I emerge, shall I have
survived, I shall be virgin

still, pure, inviolable,
armored with pearls, luminous
and light, smiling the cryptic
half smile of women who know
and do not know of living?

Goddess of Silk, Lady, Mother,
how fearful your beauty was while I slept.

If I emerge, if I am
alive, shall I be virgin
all, calm as the morning star
followed close by the blazing
lion’s mane of the sun? When I

emerge, coming forth alive,
shall I be virgin again,
holding my moonchild’s dear hand,
whispering shyly, “Por el
cielo va la luna

con un niño … “ in his ear
while glancing elsewhere? Who then
will be standing before me,
before the sharp iris blade
of my silent singing gaze?

Moment after moment turned to prayer beads,
knot after twin knot. Where are your answers?

Written: January – February 2001.


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