Adult Stage (Silk, Part Five)

The Lady Bombyx Mori Speaks of Kaiko Yashinai-gusa

V. Adult Stage (3 days)

Goddess of Silk, Lady Luna,
Mother of all the Bombyx clan,
your hair streams down like the moon mirrored
in sea-sung silence. How awesome your glow.

Furred now where I once was smooth,
thick-bodied, and skin creamy
with age, a transparency
now new to me in bright light
where I was opaque in youth.
Somehow this was not what I
expected, nor what I dreamt.
Now winged and flightless, sightless
but for richer perceptions
which need no eyes. And now, now,

I rely on another’s
perceptions, someone else’s
sensitivity to say
that my heart is no island
in infinity. The moon
rises, the tides also rise;
silently on the slight winds
scent says females like flowers
are opening, opening,
mysterious, obvious.

Goddess of Silk, Lady Luna,
Mother of all the Bombyx clan,
what fragile beauty we borrow from you,
we mortals who seek to love and be loved.

Silver lion with wings as dear
as my own, silver mane dark
with gray where I am lighter,
dear friend, say I am not strange,
not estranged, not a stranger.
I wait here, hopeful, scented,
here in the night and the leaves,
this brief waxing moon.
Demurely, my wings folded,
I am waiting here. Find me.

Unseen angels have hovered
near, sheltering, nurturing us,
to see that we are each found
not too soon nor too late. Now
dawning, twilight, night all thick,
all heavy with the scents of
before and after loving.
There is something more in this,
not just pungent or poignant,
loving at the end of life.

Goddess Lady Mother, thank you.

Written: January – February 2001.


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