Fragment of Stone

The visitors passed the chunk of rose quartz
from hand to hand, and person to person.
“Can you feel it buzzing?” “Like it’s The Force!”
“That’s amazing.” I’d begun to worsen
again, too weak to sit, each breath glittered
with shreds of fire, a reverse scotoma
echoing ripples of pain. Considered
baffling, I failed whenever at my home,
instead of the hospital. That’s why the stone.
“Keep it on your heart. It will help.” I almost
smiled. I’d have argued if I could. Or groaned.
Crystal healing?!, I thought. But even dosed
with meds, I faded. So, the stone on my chest,
weighty with its unfelt buzz, lent me rest.


2 responses to “Fragment of Stone

  1. Love the feel of a rock in hand. It is constant. Was here before me and long after I am gone.

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