Fragment of Mystery

A fluttering of blackness
where a mud puddle should be;

the arc of a sharp warning —
“Keep back! Keep back! Keep away!”

— the stiff awkwardness (lurch, hop)
which precedes the momentous

effort of a small creature
to capture a large treasure

we, blind humans that we are,
cannot perceive as a pearl.


6 responses to “Fragment of Mystery

  1. I am getting the image of a rattlesnake striking. I suppose it could be bad fairy too. Fun to try to think of the possibilies.

  2. I can see how that image might work! I shall refrain from describing the image that was in my mind, since what people are coming up with is far more entertaining!

  3. This has a lot of meaning, just like your pearl that you mentioned. Full of layers and it opens up more with more readings. I enjoyed this line a lot: ‘the arc of a sharp warning’. It has a nice ring to it. Thanks.

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